Savoy Theatre


I thought it would be useful if i gave you some information on London theatres and mainly my experience of the Savoy Theatre.  These pages have been created to help you with everything you require to organise a trip to this respected institution.  You will no doubt be aware of the term ‘Savoy’: the theatre’s fame is well known around the world, and it is an iconic place that has played an important role in the history of British theatre.

As such, you will no doubt be greatly excited at the prospect of a visit to this extraordinary venue.  Indeed, a trip to the Savoy Theatre is nearly as worth looking forward to as the show itself!  A trip to London’s West End theatre is always an exciting prospect, and the Savoy is no exception.  However, to the first time holiday maker it can seem like a slightly daunting prospect.  After looking through these pages it will hopefully be clear that this is nothing more than a myth, and you will be in an excellent position to start booking your holiday.

First of all, and certainly most importantly, head over to our what’s on page to see details on what is currently showing at the Savoy Theatre.  You’ll get details on the show as well as a myriad of reasons as to why you can’t miss out on seeing it.  Not only that, but there’s the chance to book tickets and ensure yourself a place in the theatre.

After this, have a look at our directions page for instructions on how to get there.  London is perhaps a little confusing to newcomers, but it is very easy to get a handle on the various systems of public transport that link the different parts of the city together.  Here you will find details on everything you need to access the theatre with ease, such as bus routes, tube stations and more.

Aside from this, we have set up an analysis of the Savoy Theatre’s seating layout.  You can use this to work out exactly where you want to sit, depending on how much you want to spend.  Our easy to use break-down shows the whereabouts of the premium seats as well as showing you how far back you have to go before you can get something you can afford!

Last, but by no means least, go and check out our page on the history of the Savoy Theatre.  Here you can learn about the theatre’s position in the life of the famous West End.